A special workshop to help you tap directly into your soul contract to do the work you were sent here on Earth to do – and thrive in your joyful life as a result!

Wednesday 17th July 2024 at 2pm GMT/3pm CEST/9am EDT.

4 steps to connect to your Higher Self

Why do so many attempts to change our lives fail so badly?

For me, it all boiled down to one key factor: I didn’t really want anything to change.


Because in my heart of hearts, I didn’t choose that change for myself. And I’d become too comfortable with the way things were. And I was afraid to change, afraid of what might happen if I went against the grain of what was expected of me.

When it comes to catalysing change, all too often, either a doctor or well-meaning friend will have expressed concern about your diet, exercise, etc etc and frightened us into agreeing to change.

Or the world has told you that you should be more this or more that, but it’s not who you are inside. That identity, that expectation of who you should be, just doesn’t excite you.

And our hearts just aren’t in it.

So what’s going to motivate us into lasting change?

The only thing that will get you to make lasting change is YOURSELF!

Connecting to and listening to your Higher Self is the vital key to making the change you deserve to live the happy, abundant life you desire.

But there’s the problem.

We become so disconnected from that voice we don’t even know what it sounds like any more.

I know – I’ve been there myself

Only a few years ago I was so out of alignment, I didn’t know what my purpose was in life.

I was depressed, overweight, and in the grip of addictions. But although to the outside world everything was fine, it wasn’t. And I was really great at hiding that.

I ran a successful web design business and to the rest of the world my life looked pretty amazing.

But it really, really wasn’t.

I was living my life according to other people’s agendas and had completely forgotten who I was.

Nothing gave me joy anymore. I was a shell of who I really was, and my inner and outer worlds bore absolutely no resemblance to each other.

Then that little voice spoke up

In the midst of the lockdown, in the silence that that time afforded, a little voice inside me spoke up.

And, for once, I listened.

That was the start of the journey.

I want to share that journey with you, and give you the blueprint that got me back to myself, that allowed me to believe in myself again and trust my intuition.

And build a business that I love and excites me every single day.

The blueprint that can get you back on your life path too.

If you recognise yourself in this and want this blueprint for yourself, I invite you to come along to

Glow the Fk Up

Wednesday 17th July 2024 at 2pm GMT/3pm CEST/9am EDT.

I’ll share my story with you and talk you through what made the biggest difference in leading me back to myself, including my 4-steps to connect with your Higher Self, and talk about some of the factors that get in the way of that connection.

I’ll record the session for those who can’t make it live, and after the recording stops, I’ll open the floor to questions and, yes, I will do mini readings for those in the room.

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