Business Embodiment is my one-to-one content mentorship program. It’s a 3-month mentorship journey where we realise and embrace your ‘Why’, fall back in love with your business, find your zone of genius, and nail your online messaging.

We begin with an initial intensive two-hour one-to-one session. We dig deep to get to know your business better and find out your history. Next, we nail the basics of your on-brand message and make a plan for the best way for you to get your message out there to attract your dream clients. I can even help you with a keyword plan for blogging.

Then, once a fortnight, we have a one-to-one mentorship call where we plan out what content you will publish and agree on a strategy. Over the next week, you return the content back to me for editing and feedback ready for our next call.

Over the course of the three months, you will grow in confidence and ability: both in improved writing skills and in stepping into your own story and embracing your power.

Yes, I do sometimes use slightly ‘out there’ methods. But I also bring a lot of practicality to the table. My wealth of experience too – to help you overcome any struggles you’re having within your business. My methods are an interesting mix of the spiritual and the practical.

If you feel that this is what you need to get your business message flowing, and you would like to know more, I invite you to book your FREE discovery call with me using the calendar below.

See you soon!


(Wondering who the hell I am? Find out more about me on my About page)


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