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Business Embodiment is a 3-month 1-2-1 content coaching program to enable you to discover your authentic, aligned, soul marketing message and create authentic, aligned digital content for your business.

My goal is to help and inspire you to find an!.

Mentoring journey

This is a unique mentorship journey for spiritually-minded entrepreneurs, during which we realise and embrace your ‘Why’, fall back in love with your business, find your Zone of Genius, and nail your online messaging.

Business Embodiment content coaching is for you if you:

> Want to create content more aligned to your soul purpose
> Are getting a poor return from your online marketing efforts
> Are operating outside of your Zone of Genius
> Copy content ideas from others (or have considered one of those terrible content template packages)
> Are afraid to write content based on what is on your heart
> Are afraid to listen to your inner voice (the good one, not the one that tells you you aren’t good enough!)
> Can’t even HEAR that good inner voice!
> Are not attracting the kind of clients you absolutely LOVE to work with!
> Are considering using an editor or proofreader (I got you covered!)
> Want to blog more consistently and confidently

Yes please, let’s do this!

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We begin with a VIP Deep-Dive session. We go deep to get to know your business better and find out where you are now with your business messaging. During this session, we nail the basics of your on-brand message and make a plan for the best way for you to get your message out there to attract your dream clients. I even help you write a keyword/content plan for blogging and/or social media.

Then, once a week, we have a one-to-one coaching call where we plan out what content you need and agree on a strategy. Over the next few days, you return the content back to me for editing and feedback ready for our next call.

Over the course of the coaching sessions, you will grow in confidence and ability: both in improving your writing skills, stepping into your own story, and embracing your unique power.

During our time together, you will:

> Attract clients you LOVE to work with
> Speak what’s on your heart
> Be way more inspired to create original content ideas
> Be much more confident with your content writing skills
< Blog and produce content more confidently and consistently

Yes please, let’s do this!

Sign up to the program, or book a Deep-Dive taster session

I bring you 10 years’ experience in creating online content alongside my innate intuition (I am a Projector in Human Design terms) – and the ability to help you trust your intuition more. My wealth of experience in SEO and copywriting means that I can tweak your content to hit the mark with readers as well as search engines – to help you overcome any struggles you’re having writing content for your business. And all in keeping with your unique voice, so it all still sounds like YOU!

If you feel that this is what you need to get your business message flowing, and you would like to know more, I invite you to book your place on the program today.

Or if you have a specific thing you need help with, or want a content strategy review, book a one-off Deep-Dive session with me.

See you soon!


(Wondering who on Earth I am? Find out more about me on my About page)

Yes please, let’s do this!

Sign up to the program, or book a Deep-Dive taster session

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