About Fiona

I am a content coach and mentor and I help you create authentic, aligned content for your business, gain authority in your industry, and get found in search results.

I show you how to create content that people want to read and edit it so it’s professional and polished, but still sounds like you. Or I can even edit or proofread the content you already have to make it appear more professional and appealing to your audience and more easily found by search engines.

Fiona Gazzard – Crazy Dog Lady

I make sure that who you are online truly represents who you are in real life, so you attract your ideal clients more easily. And if your web project is stuck at the content stage because you are struggling to know what to say about yourself, I can help you with that.

What I can do for you

I have a particular way of drilling down into what makes you and your business unique. People often speak of a USP – Unique Selling Point – yet so few people actually know what theirs is. Without your USP it’s impossible to craft your unique message. And this is exactly what I can help you to discover.

Once we know your USP, we can craft an authentic message to tell your potential customers, that brings you the kind of clients that makes your heart sing. Who wouldn’t want more of that kind of client?

If your web project is stuck at the content stage because you are struggling to know what to say about yourself, I can help you with that.

– Me

Search Engine Optimisation

I am well familiar with how search works and what Google wants, having written search-friendly content for businesses since 2011. And I’ve edited content for SEO plugin gurus Yoast, so I know the best ways to sustainably build authority in your field through blogging and creating any evergreen content.

Not only that, but I’ll show you ways of making your content work harder and go further for you, so making the most of what you produce.

My history

I have worked in digital marketing since 2011, when I set up Moghill Web Services alongside my husband, Patrick. Initially, my role was to bring in business for the company and do the administration work, but soon enough I was learning the ropes of digital marketing itself.

In just a few years we grew to take on a designer/developer and took on a town centre office where we became the go-to company in the local area for business websites. In 2016 we added another string to our bow with our proofreading and editing brand for international clients, How’s my English.

Then, in 2017 we decided to make a drastic change to our lives, moving ourselves, our business, and 4 cats to Brittany, France. Here, we continue to service our UK-based clients and are building a portfolio of English-speaking clients based across France.

Operating in France

Now we’re settled in France, my French business focuses on website content for businesses, as well as looking at your social media presence. Patrick’s focus is more on the technical aspects of putting a website together and making it work. So, between us, we have you covered!

The crazy dog lady!

Other than my work, since moving to France, we have taken to rescuing dogs. And any other animals we find in the garden!


Dexter, Luna and Yann
The album cover

We started by adopting a Husky cross puppy rescued by The Green Valley, Brittany, from an abandoned house with her emaciated mother and 8 siblings. Now, huskies are practically #1 on anybody’s “Don’t get this dog as a first-time dog owner” list, but hey, I don’t like to do things conventionally! And Luna is my baby, a little pesky, certainly very spirited, but I wouldn’t be without her for the world! We’ve had amazing fun together and she’s an incredibly talented mantrailer. And if I’d done my research as everybody suggested I should have, then I probably wouldn’t have adopted her and I’d have missed out on all that fun.


Our next rescue was a two-year-old neglected Belgian Terveuren/Border Collie cross. Hubby wanted a dog of his own after seeing how amazing Luna was and the bond we had built between us with all the fun and training we were having. Yann is great, he’s totally transformed in the time we’ve had him, physically and mentally. He was over 10kg underweight, riddled with worms and fleas and hadn’t been neutered. We rescued him directly from his previous owners so thankfully he never knew the inside of a dog shelter.


We were honestly going to stop there! But when one of Luna’s brothers was being destructive and escaping lots, his owners decided to rehome him. So, initially as an emergency foster scenario, we took him in. However, it quickly became clear that they loved being together, so we took Dexter on permanently. Again, when he came to us he was underweight and riddled with ticks. So there was a period of healing and training to be done with him. But he’s now the most affectionate, loyal dog ever. He and Luna are like two peas in a pod, getting into trouble together. Good thing they have their big brother Yann to keep them in order!

Bottle-feeding Phil while Dester (L) and Luna (R) watch

Honestly, we’re not getting any more dogs – for now! We may foster for the local shelter, but definitely not taking any more on. At least not until we can afford a bigger house!


And we weren’t getting any more cats either. That is until Phil the kitten turned up in our hedge one day at only 4 weeks old. I had to bottle feed and wean him and he’s gone from strength to strength.

Let’s do this!

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